Knitting Patterns

Children's Hats

Berry Baby Hat

Cheery Scrap Cap


Cabled Baby Hat

Lacy Girly Fancy Hat

Penguin Pal Hat

Starburst Hat

Ton O' Fun Toboggan Hat

Rachel Lacy Rib Hat

Pom Pom Hats

Lila's Hat

Adult Hats


Be Loving

High Line Hat

Seaman's Cap

Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friends

Diagonal Rib Hat

Raglan Hat

Scorpio Hat

Everyday Beret

Lindsay Hat

Scarves and Cowls

Drop Stitch Scarf

Candle Flame Cowl

Comfy Cable Cowl

Bow-Knot Scarf

DanDoh Scarf

Celtic Cable Neckwarmer

Pedestrian Crossing Cowl

The Dudester Scarf

Time Warp

Potato Chip Scarf

Pale Gray Lace Cowl

Ridged Lace Cowl

Della Cowl

Tiger Lily Cowl

Noro Keyhole Scarf

Two By Two Scarf

Eton's Scarf

Adult Gloves/Mitts

Commuter Fingerless Mittens

75 Yard Malabrigo Fingerless Mitts

Classic Mittens

Eugenia's Mittens

Optimistic Mitts

Fast & Easy Fingerless Mitts

Herringbone Mittens With Poms

Basic Cabled Mittens

Lychee Mittens

Twisty Sister Cabled Handwarmers


Kathy's Mittens

Intercostal Mitts

Thanksgiving Day Mitts

Leftovers Mittens

House Gloves

Child Gloves/Mitts

Girls and Ladies Mittens

Basic Pattern for Children's Mittens

"Soon To Be Lost" Toddler Mittens

Easy On Mittens

Ladybug Mittens

Child's Simple Striped Mittens

Adult Socks (Worsted)

Warm And Cozy Socks

Basic Socks

Easy Cuff Down Worsted Weight Socks

Weekend Socks


Boot Socks

Tam's Toe-Ups

Quilted Leaf Lace Socks

Miner's Dream

Super Stripes Socks

Dunnard Worsted Socks

Child Socks (Worsted)

Ribbed Far-Away Baby Socks

Flakey Baby Socks

Quick Baby Socks

Encore Worsted Kid's Socks

Eyelet Socks

Mossy Ridge Toddler Socks


Ear Warmer


Snaked Ear Warmers